By Cheryl Munson

Zone 4 of the USDA hardiness map covers the northern Midwest regions of the United States, which includes the states of Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The University of Iowa Extension recommends planting strawberries in March and April.

June bearing strawberry varieties produce the largest and earliest crops. The University of Minnesota Extension recommends Earliglow for early blooming strawberries, Kent and Mesabi for mid-season blooms, and Winona for a late summer strawberry harvest.

Everbearing strawberry varieties produce two crops in a single season. The first crop will be ready to harvest in late spring or early summer, and the second crop will be ready in the early fall. Fort Laramie and Ogallala varieties grow best in Zone 4 according to the University of Minnesota.

Day-neutral strawberries produce fruit the entire growing season. Zone 4 day-neutral varieties include Tribute and Tristar.