By Kim Kenney

Strawberries are a popular choice for home gardeners because they are easy to plant, use little space and produce fruit quickly. Gardeners can expect to harvest fruit from the same strawberry plants for up to three years. Most of Ohio’s commercial strawberry farms are located in Northeast and Central Ohio.

In Northeast Ohio, plant strawberries between April 15 and May 15, according to Integrated Pest Management Centers. The Ohio State University Extension does not recommend planting strawberries in the fall because young plants can be injured by the freeze-thaw cycle.

June-bearing strawberry plants will not produce a full crop of fruit until the season after they are planted, according to the Ohio State University Extension. Day-neutral strawberry plants will produce fruit the first season they are planted. Both types are ready to be harvested in late May or June.

June-bearing strawberry varieties recommended for Ohio include Earliglow, Lateglow, Lester, Redchief, Surecrop, Midway, Guardian, Delite and Kent. Tribute and Tristar day-neutral varieties grow well in Ohio.