By Carrie Terry

Strawberries grow on plants rather than bushes or trees. They also double as a ground cover during the winter. Different varieties of strawberries bloom and bear at different times of the summer, but all strawberries thrive in the warmth of Oklahoma.

Strawberries grow anywhere in Oklahoma and are the most popular home garden crop in that state, according to the Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension. They also are grown as one of the most successful cash crops in the area.

The best time to set spring strawberries out in Oklahoma is February through mid-March. This ensures they get into the ground after the last frost and have the full summer growing season.

In the southeast corner of Oklahoma, where temperatures are warmer, strawberries can be planted in the fall and spring. Strawberries put out in October to mid-November have the entire winter to take root and achieve better blooming and fruit harvests in the summer.