By Irum Sarfaraz

The climate in Indiana supports the growth of strawberries throughout the state. The fruit is easy to grow and is the most popular small fruit in the home garden. It takes minimal care to produce good quality strawberries of different varieties in Indiana. According to the Purdue University Extension site, 25 strawberry plants can produce 25 to 50 quarts of fruit between late spring and midsummer depending upon the specific region of the state. The three types of strawberries include dayneutrals, everbearers and Junebearers.

June-bearing strawberries are further classified into early, midseason and late fruit varieties. The plants produce flowers, fruits and runners and the strawberries are ready for harvest during at the end of spring. The Purdue University Cooperative Extension recommends a number of excellent Junebearer varieties for Indiana. These include earliglow, Annapolis and delmarvel. The midseason Junebearers for Indiana include Honeoye, redchief, guardian and surecrop. A consistent producer of large strawberries among the late season Junebearers include allstar and jewel.

Dayneutral strawberry plants produce fruit all through the growing season. These plants produce very few runners and are most suited for gardens with limited space. Dayneutral plants are often used as a ground cover and bedding plants. Suggested dayneutral strawberry types as indicated by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension site include tribute and tristar. Dayneutral strawberries do best during the cooler weather in Indiana and need to be protected during the summer heat.

Everbearing strawberry plants produce two to three harvests of fruit every year, including a harvest during fall. The plants are easy to grow and are well suited for small areas. Everbearing strawberry plants grow to a mature height of 8 to 12 inches and do not produce any runners. The best everbearing varieties for Indiana as recommended by the Purdue University Extension site include Ozark beauty, Fort Laramie and the promising new release Quinault.