If you have had a small everbearing strawberry patch for several years then you may have noticed that some areas no longer have any strawberry plants. You may have also noticed that there are now everbearing strawberry plants growing outside of the place you designated for the strawberry patch. This is because strawberry plants send off runners to multiply. It isn’t difficult to dig up the plants outside of your patch and move them into the vacant areas. If you do it early in the spring then they should still produce strawberries for you this summer. Remember, you need to pick the strawberries when they are ready on an everbearing plant if you want it to keep producing. How do you transplant everbearing strawberry plants?

Remove the weeds that have found their way into your everbearing strawberry patch over the fall and winter months by pulling them out. Try to pull the roots out with the weed by grasping the weed plant firmly as close to the ground as possible and pull up. Be careful not to pull any strawberry runners out with the weeds.

Locate the everbearing strawberry plants growing outside the designated patch that you want to move back into the patch.

Place the point of your shovel about two inches from the stem of the plant you want to move. Push the shovel down into the ground angling towards the plant about three inches deep. Do this all around the plant.

Lift the plant out of the ground trying to keep some of the soil on it.

Dig a small hole about three inches deep, and wide enough to hold the clump of dirt you dug up, in one of the vacant areas of your everbearing strawberry patch.

Place the new plant into the hole. Make sure the roots have plenty of room. Fill the loose dirt in around the plant and pack it down lightly with your hand.

Repeat these steps for each plant that you want to move. When you have finished water the strawberry patch.

Enjoy picking and eating fresh strawberries almost everyday off from your own plants.

Mist the plants with a solution of water, vinegar, and dish soap to keep the bugs from eating your fruit.

If you use pesticides, be sure to wash your strawberries before eating them.