By April Ort

Strawberry plants can successfully grow and produce edible fruits in a standard planter. Both starter strawberry plants and planters can be purchased from your local home and garden center. You can incorporate several plants into the same planter with careful transplanting techniques, adequate drainage, and regular sunlight.

Measure and cut a window screen in a circle the same diameter as the inside bottom of the planter.

Place the screen in the bottom of the planter. This will prevent soil from escaping through the drainage holes when being watered.

Fill 2/3 of the planter with potting soil.

Remove a starter strawberry plant from its original container and crumble the soil surrounding the roots by gently breaking it with your fingers.

Scoop a small divot out of the soil in the planter, approximately the same depth as the starter container. Insert the strawberry plant into the divot and carefully gather and press the soil to cover the roots.

Continue the planting process for up to six strawberry plants in the same planter.

Lightly water the plants to moisten the soil.

Place the planter in a sunny location and rotate the position daily, so all plants get equal amounts of sunlight.

Water the strawberry plants daily.