By Jack Straub

Fresh, home-grown strawberries are a delicious and healthy snack. Many people grow strawberries in their outdoor gardens, during the growing season. However, it also is possible to grow strawberries indoors, so that you can enjoy eating fresh strawberries all year long.

Visit your local home improvement center or plant nursery and pick up a potting soil that contains a time-release plant fertilizer. You also will need a container and strawberry seeds. The best variety of strawberry to grow indoors is “Red Alpine”. This variety has no runners and is ever-bearing, producing fruit year-round for three years.

Pick your location. You want to select a place that receives a lot of sunlight. Your indoor strawberry plants will need as much sunlight as possible, so select their location accordingly. A minimum of six hours of direct sunlight, each day, is recommended by Gardener’s Rake.

Fill the container with the potting soil. Poke several holes a one-half-inch deep in the soil and place two to three strawberry seeds in each hole. Fill the holes back in with soil, and water the entire planting container, thoroughly.

After four weeks of growing, add a small amount of plant fertilizer that includes nitrogen, potassium, potash and phosphate. Fertilize flowering strawberry plants once every 10 days.

Add plant lighting for several hours a day to supplement insufficient amounts of sunlight. You can get a specialized grow bulb at a plant nursery or home improvement center.

If you plant a variety of strawberries that grows runners, cut them off if you want the plant to produce fruit to its full potential.

According to Grow Notes, the plants will do best if grown in hanging baskets or indoor window boxes.