By Shae Hazelton

The shine of a galvanized tub can add a lot of character to your garden. Unfortunately, most deep-rooted plants such as trees cannot survive in these containers. Shallow-rooted plants like strawberries, can thrive in these decorative tubs. Like all strawberries grown in a container, you will need to take special care of them to ensure they grow well in such a small environment.

Measure your galvanized tubs to see how many strawberry plants you can fit in each tub. Seedlings will need to be spaced 16 inches apart and 1-1/2 inches deep. You want to make sure your tub is at least 2 feet deep to allow your strawberry plants’ roots to really spread.

Drill small holes in the bottom of the galvanized tub to ensure the soil can properly drain. Try to make the holes small, but plentiful so that the soil does not escape along with the water.

Fill the galvanized tub with well-drained soil that is high in organic matter. This is the optimal soil for growing strawberries because it is high in nutrients and it ensures that the roots are not too wet. Too much moisture may cause the roots to rot, killing the strawberry plant entirely.

Sow your strawberry seeds. Sprinkle your seeds across the surface of the tub and cover them 1/4-inch of soil. Water the seeds thoroughly with a gentle stream of water. If you use a stream that is too strong, the seeds may be uncovered and fail to germinate.

Find a sunny location where you will keep your seeds before you fill the tub with soil. If you move the tub afterwards, it may be a little heavy.

Your strawberries need at least six hours of direct sunlight a day to thrive. The more sun the better.

Keep your strawberries well watered. You want the soil to stay moist, but not too wet. You also want to make sure that no puddles of water remain on the surface of the soil after watering. If you find any water remaining on the surface, use a towel to gently blot up the excess water.

Freeze your strawberry seeds before planting in order to jump-start the germination process.

Check your tub regularly for weeds. Pull the weeds immediately to ensure that they do not harm your strawberry plants.