By G.K. Bayne

Many people decide when to plant strawberries, or any plant, by the phase of the moon and the zodiac sign associated with it. The belief in this system has lingered since ancient times. Not only does the Farmer’s Almanac still propose this method as a viable system, many university extension offices offer the information.

Prepare the strawberry bed when the moon is in Leo or Virgo and the moon is dark.

Transplant strawberry plants or plant the seeds into the prepared space between the new moon and the first-quarter moon when it falls in Cancer, Scorpio or Libra.

Cultivate around the plants when the moon is in Aries, Gemini or Aquarius.

Harvest the berries just before the full moon when it is in the second-quarter phase.

Refer to the Farmer’s Almanac or an astrological calendar to verify both moon phase and zodiac sign for the day you plan to plant your strawberries.

Cancer, Scorpio and Libra are the best zodiac signs for above-ground crops.

Any plant that produces seed on the outside, mostly berries and corn, will benefit from planting just after the new moon.