By Lisa Wampler

June-bearing strawberries can provide you with a yearly crop of large, delicious, healthy strawberries. However, they spread by runners and need a lot of room to grow. Strawberries are hardy berries, but you need to keep them in an area protected from frost if you wish to produce a high yield of fruit.

Prepare your soil with rich loam and high-humus content. Rotted leaves mixed in the soil help provide strawberries with the necessary nutrients needed to grow.

Plant June-bearing strawberries in rows 18 to 24 inches apart. Allow 36 to 48 inches between rows.

Plant your strawberries in raised beds, if possible, to allow for fast drainage. Keep the soil moist but not overly wet.

Allow the mother plants to form runners, but keep the plants trimmed to approximately 18 inches wide. To maintain an 18-inch width, you can trim runners with pruners.

Remove blossoms from all plants during the first season to allow them time to firmly root in the soil.