By Kitty Cruiser

Elsanta strawberry plants are widely grown for commercial purposes in Northern Europe. It is the supermarket favorite for its shelf life and taste. Elsanta strawberries are not limited to commercial growers, however. Many novice gardeners are discovering the benefits of growing Elsanta strawberries. As with any plant, strawberries have a specific set of needs. The better these needs are met, the more likely you will produce healthy plants and juicier fruits.

Determine where you will plant your strawberry bushes. Strawberry plants need full sun in a well-drained location.

Plant the strawberries in early spring when the soil is dry enough to work with but not too soggy.

Remove weeds from the area. Weeds will steal vital nutrients that your strawberries need to be healthy plants.

Provide your strawberries roots with enough room to spread. Using your hand or gardening shovel, dig the hole large enough to accommodate the roots and add a few more inches to give the roots growing room.

Set the plant in the ground. Place the plant so that the crown (where the stem meets the roots) is even with the soil. Bury the plant with the soil only going halfway up the crown. Spacing depends on your personal preference. You can space them 13 inches apart or group them together in a bunch to create ground cover.

Water the plants. After you have planted your strawberries, water them thoroughly. Strawberries like their soil moist, but not waterlogged.