By Jessica Cook

Atlas strawberries are high-yielding strawberry plants that ripen early to mid-season. If you want to plant Atlas strawberries, you need to take a few steps to ensure proper growth and safety from garden pests. Once you have done this, you can enjoy fresh strawberries straight from your own garden.

Plan your growing area. You will need to plant your Atlas strawberry plants 18 to 30 inches apart in rows that are three to four feet apart. This way, when you plant the mother plants there will be plenty of room for the daughter plants to sprout. Choose a sunny spot in your garden that has not been used for grass or other plants.

Dig the holes for each plant. Bury the plants so that the soil just covers the roots. Make sure you plant them in soil that is dry, and do so in the later part of the day. Plant your strawberries in the springtime after the ground has softened and dried from winter.

Fertilize your plants twice a month using a liquid tomato fertilizer, and provide one inch of water per week (through rainfall or regular watering during dry periods).

Strawberries grow best in full sun, i.e., six to eight hours of direct sunlight per day.