By Jacob J. Wright

Plant strawberry plants in early spring as soon as the soil is workable. Mix in compost to create a well-drained soil plot in a full sun location. Do not plant where difficult perennial weeds linger or where potatoes, peppers or tomatoes were grown the last three years.

Three types of strawberries are grown: June-bearing, everbearing and day-neutral plants. June-bearing plants spread with stolons to create a groundcover, while the latter two tend to form bushy clumps where planted.

If planting the spreading June-bearing strawberry type, plant them 18 to 24 inches apart in rows 4 feet apart. Other types are planted 1 foot apart in rows 1 foot apart.

A 30-square-foot bed could be shaped like a long linear-rectangle 10 by 3 feet, or more square-like at 5 by 6 feet. In a long bed, plant six June-bearing, running strawberry plants or 20 bush-type strawberry plants. In the squarer bed, plant six June-bearers or 16 to 18 bush-type plants.